Orange Aventurine Bracelet
Orange Aventurine Bracelet
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Orange Aventurine Bracelet

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  • Helps you become present to your feelings and emotions
  • Enhances feelings of happiness, joy, optimism, and contentment
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Allows you to discover the simple pleasures of life
  • Energetically supports you while you’re overcoming emotional traumas
  • Creates moments for sacred pause and reflection
  • Increases feelings of personal freedom and encourages exploration
  • Aids you in decision making
  • Helps you overcome blocks to your creativity and encourages you to tap into hidden talents
  • Encourages you to enjoy the fruits of your labor
  • Promotes celebration and appreciation of your relationships
  • Helps you find the treasures, gifts, and lessons in difficult situations
  • Encourages inner reflection and silences your inner critic
  • Assists in shadow work
  • Enhances your intellect and feelings of personal wisdom
  • Allows you to discover and appreciate your personal strengths
  • Helps to calm intense emotions
  • Facilitates guided meditation journeys and visualizations
  • Encourages you to speak your true feelings
  • Increases physical and emotional vitality and resilience
  • Enhances confidence and instills feelings of courage and bravery
  • Helps you find inner stillness during meditation


*Please note that there might be slight variations in color and size due to studio lightings.
*The crystal may not be exactly the same as the picture shown as every crystal is unique in appearance.