Bao Ping Dzi Bead (宝瓶天珠)

Bao Ping Dzi (宝瓶天珠)
Ensure safety, prevent bad luck, negativity protection and perfects
your virtues establishment. Improve quality in life and protection of losses.
Helps to toll in wealth and gain. Provide longevity.
Bao Ping dzi can help the owner to increase abundance and receive high blessings. It is believed that this dzi has the power to eradicate sadness and suffering. It attract luck for its owner, thus, preventing disease, preventing bad luck, ensure safety, to make money and gains. 
This Dzi bead brings great luck to its owner, providing wealth and long life without rigors. It grants prosperity to businessmen, wisdom to those who are anxious for knowledge, enlightenment to those who look for spiritual path.