• "LG ladies are very knowledgeable & they know very well of all the gems from their shop. They are patience & helpful to pick the right stuff for you. Highly recommend to those who appreciate Gems & Stones"
    - Jane Ho
  • "Chanced upon them via some friends and since then I have been hooked! Awesome people running the shop. Has good product knowledge and they sell great stuff too! Definitely recommended!"
    - Angela Leong
  • "I never regretted buying crystals from Living Gems because of their crystals quality. Every time my daughter & I went down to their shop we can stay there for few hours the reason are:- 1. Their service is super duper good. 2. Jane & Doreen are very friendly, helpful & honest (if crystal has a bit crack or chip off they will not sell it to me even I said is ok). 3. With or without purchase of thing, if I asked them about some crystals benefits they will still explain to me patiently. 4. Their shop is very cosy, the feeling is like 就在家的感觉。 Thank you Living Gems"
    - Elise Yeo
  • "An awesome atmosphere... with awesome staff. Love the staff there... knowledgeable and recommend according to your needs. No hard selling at all! All items priced reasonable! If you are looking for crystals to fine tune your life or career, Living Gems would be the perfect place to go!"
    - Lin Jin Ting Brenda
  • "Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers."
    - Author's name
  • Living Gems has high quality gems for everyone! Customer service is awesome! Thanks all!
    - Hanjun Ng
  • the best crystal station with very good quality crystals at affordable price! Will recommend to all my friends.
    - Candy Lum
  • The bracelets & clear quartz pointer that I had bought from them have good energy and look really pretty. Their Live auctions are very entertaining & Batman, GBoss & "Model" are very nice, helpful & sincere. They are non-pushy & their auctions are not rushed, allowing buyers the opportunity to view & consider the products. Hoping to get more quality products from them.
    - Cayle Whyn Lim
  • Bought several items or more from Living Gems . I should say that their Crystals are different from most of the shops out there especially their pricing is consider reasonable. They are friendly and knowledgeable in their products . Best of all , they are not only into business, they are there to share with us their knowledge and always find the right owner for their Crystals. Thank you.
    - Janet Mvng
  • "Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers."
    - Author's name

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