Hand Drawn Mandala Thangka (手绘唐卡)

Thangka has been in vogue in Tibet for centuries.( 唐卡在西藏流行了几个世纪)
In Tibetan, "Thang" means "unfolding" or "displaying", and Thangka means "silk, satin or cloth painting scroll". It is hand drawn on scrolls or embroidered on wall hangings of silk or other cloth.

Hand drawn Thangka, there are many steps needed to draw one Thangka, every steps is very important and cannot be missed. 
Every stroke is very important and hand must be stable. 
Every piece is unique and special ❤️

Hanging a Mandala on the wall, at home, entrance hall (玄关), in office, shop, it give you and your family a very calm, peace and positive energy. 
At the same time, we are also adjusting our home energy to more harmonious and positive energy.  

 Hang one at home now to feel the difference 💖