Dzi Bead Benefits

1 Eyed Dzi Bead:
The 1 eyed Dzi bead stands for a beacon of light and hope. This powerful eye is believed to enhance human wisdom, and bring forth happiness for life.
2 Eyed Dzi Bead:
The 2 eyed Dzi enables harmony between husband and wife; build a happy family, successful career, and good relationships with others.
3 Eyed Dzi Bead:
The 3 eyed Dzi bead represents the three stars of luck, happiness, honor, and longevity. It is the bead of wealth and health to bring continuous fortune.
4 Eyed Dzi Bead:
The 4-eye bead Dzi is endowed with the qualities of all 4 Bodhisattva. It helps to increase the wisdom of its owner, helps to fulfill desires, brings good luck and prosperity in life. It also performs a protective function well - it drives away evil spirits and removes obstacles to the goal.
5 Eyed Dzi Bead:
The 5-eyed Dzi bead is a bead of wealth. The 5 eyes of Dzi represent the five gods of wealth who bring wealth to human life in many ways. 5 eyed dzi brings the owner more money, good luck in business, leads to wealth, prosperity and longevity. 5-eye Dzi bead also helps in gaining wisdom, happiness and prosperity in all areas of life. 
6 Eyed Dzi Bead:
The 6 eyed Dzi eliminates sadness and suffering in life and brings good luck to its owner. It helps to find what lies at the very foundation of happiness and helps improve karmic situations. The 6-eyed Dzi is one of the best beads for working people. It helps to eliminate problems that have arisen in you or in the office environment. They help to resolve the situation at work, where there is gossip, a struggle for power, hijacking employees, etc.
The 6 eyed dzi bead also helps those who seek self-knowledge, self-cultivation and spiritual practices. It helps to take control of negative emotions, calm the mind and bring harmony at every moment of existence in this world.
7 Eyed Dzi Bead:
The 7-eye Dzi bead favors seven different aspirations in life. These are aspirations in career growth, achieving wealth, prosperity, longevity, improving relationships, gaining recognition and self-improvement. Wearing this bead allows you to achieve success at work and in your personal life, strengthens your health and harmonizes the condition of a person.
8 Eyed Dzi Bead:
The 8 eyed dzi fill and harmonize a person, help owner overcome obstacles, and also give strength in solving all life problems. Wearing helps protect against possible disasters and life's troubles. 8 Eyed Dzi helps owner in finding and following the true life path. At the same time, a calm of the mind is achieved, which is no longer filled with the deliberation of the problems that have fallen, but calmly solves the problems associated with the realization of life goals.
9 Eyed Dzi Bead:
The 9 eyed Dzi bead assists its owner to Gather Wealth, Achieve Good Health, Success, Gain Power, Compassion, Glory, and Expelling Evil & Acts as a Protector.
10 Eyed Dzi Bead:
Dzi bead 10 eyes dissolves and removes all obstacles that arise in human life and harmonizes any kind of activity. It is called the “cleansing Dzi”, as it clears everything that prevents to achieve the goal. It helps to cope with obstacles at work and in business, where this Dzi helps a successful career and business accomplishments.
It also helps to establish harmonious relationships in the family and with other people. It helps to resolve quarrels and harmonize relationships in the family, gain success in society and live a joyful and happy life.
It removes the negative in these relations and translates it into a positive channel. Thus, this 10-eyed Dzi bead removes those obstacles that interfere with good and constructive communication with any people in society. The owner of such a talisman receives honor and respect among colleagues and friends.
The 10-eye Dzi bead is unique in that it helps in working with human karma.
It helps to cleanse past and present sins, remove the negative that has accumulated in past human acts and turn the tide with negative events in life in a positive way.
11 Eyed Dzi Bead:
The 11 eyes Dzi is a powerful talisman that helps to gain spiritual awareness and wisdom. It helps to eradicate evil intentions and reduces our attachments that impede spiritual growth. This leads to peace and harmony in the heart and peace of mind. It helps to overcome various negative qualities and emotions and transform them into positive ones. This Dzi also protects against negativity and harmful energy, so it will be useful for those who need special protection.
12 Eyed Dzi Bead:
The 12-eyed Dzi empowers one with the ability to surpass expectations and attain fame and recognition. It is believed to purify one's karma, turn over bad luck, increase wisdom and virtue, enhance one's charisma, and ensure happy relationships.
13 Eyed Dzi Bead:
The 13 eyed Dzi allows one to learn to communicate with the ancestors as well as other dimensions and realities.
14 Eyed Dzi Bead:
The 14 eyed Dzi helps to protect the mind from clutter and help with kharma issues.
15 Eyed Dzi Bead:
The 15 eyed Dzi increases the wearer's wisdom, releases human suffering and brings forth general good fortune in human life.
16 Eyed Dzi Bead:
The 16 eyed Dzi Brings back the humor in life. Reminds one that it is through play and joy that all things may be obtained. Helps to repel sadness, depression, melancholy, sorrowfulness, and the blues.
17 Eyed Dzi Bead:
The 17 eyed Dzi can assist to improve the self image. It allows others to see you the way you see yourself in your unconscious mind. It protects owner from the images of others.
18 Eyed Dzi Bead:
The Dzi 18 eye bead helps relieve stress. Its owner is better recovering from various mental injuries. Losses, disorders, resentment, anxiety and other negative psychological manifestations can be weakened and eliminated with the help of this Tibetan talisman.
Bead Dzi 18 eyes helps to find peace of mind, a state of lightness and joyful peace. This condition allows its owner to cope with psychological pressure from surrounding people and situations, become more restrained and avoid impulsive actions.
19 Eyed Dzi Bead:
The 19 eyed Dzi enhances the owner's ability to manifest and materialize the necessary things in one's life.
20 Eyed Dzi Bead:
The 20 eyed Dzi assists in purification. This Dzi can enhance owner's process of preparation for ending the cycle of rebirth. It is very rare.
21 Eyed Dzi Bead:
The 21-eye Dzi bead is said to be one of the most powerful talismans. 
This bead enhances the energy and magical potential of the person who possesses it. It increases the physical and spiritual strength of a person, raising them to the highest level. 
Enhances your natural magical power and helps to realize your intentions to the fullest. It helps to materialize desires, strengthens influence and reputation. 
It helps to clear all possible obstacles and ensures its smooth achievement.
21-eyed Dzi bead increases the ability to restore the vital functions of the body and give new life. Therefore, it is good for conceiving a child and helps in recovering from illnesses and injuries.