Dzi Beads 天珠

What is the purpose of Dzi beads?
Dzi beads are revered for their ability to ward off evil spirits, promote healing, and attract good fortune, prosperity, and success. It is believed that wearing dzi beads can enhance one's inner strength, promote spiritual growth, and bring about harmony and balance in life.
Can anyone wear Dzi bead?
Yes, anyone can wear dzi beads. They are actually not associated with any particular religion or belief system, and they are said to bring good luck and protection to the wearer. Dzi beads are also believed to have healing properties, and are often used in meditation and other spiritual practices.
How to choose Dzi?
Different symbol carried its own benefits/meanings. You can choose base on what the benefits or what area you would like to improve. 
Dzi beads in modern society
Currently, Dzi beads are becoming more and more popular. Due to their healing qualities and ability to bring a person’s life in harmony with the outside world, many people seek to acquire these Tibetan talismans.
Dzi Beads are getting popular among many celebrities like Sting, Madonna, Stephen Seagal, Michael Schumacher, Jet Li, Michelle Yeoh, Sammo Hung, etc.
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