White Sage Leaf

White Sage

Burning sage, or smudging, involves the burning of dried and bundled sage leaves and letting the aromatic, stimulating smoke waft through the air, purifying and cleansing a living space, an object or yourself.

Spiritually speaking, smudging with white sage is used to dispel negative energy and prepare a space or object with positive fresh vibes and intent.

It is also great for ceremonial use and for cleansing crystals. When used on yourself or another person, burning white sage can help cleanse the aura and remove “stuck” energies when preparing for any type of energy work

What are the key benefits of burning white sage?

✔️Purifying the air

✔️Improving mood and cognition

✔️Reducing stress and anxiety

✔️Warding off negativity

✔️Promoting mindfulness and intuition

✔️Supporting better sleep

✔️Cleansing spaces, objects or your own energy

✔️Repelling insects