Jet Black Bracelet
Jet Black Bracelet
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Jet Black Bracelet

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  • Jet Stone will give you physical, emotional, and spiritual guidance to help you accomplish your goals and achieve balance and harmony.
  • It will remind you of your goals, help you re-evaluate your methods, and inspire you to reinvent yourself.
  • Jet Stone can draw out the negative energies that are lingering in your auric fields. These negative energies are affecting how you think, feel, speak, and act. When these negative energies are dispelled, you make way for more positive energies.
  • Jet will help you zero in on your career, relationship, and life that you want. It will show you just how you can accomplish it using your talents, skills, and abilities. Jet Stone can help you own up to your mistakes, right your wrongs, and make amends to the people you have hurt.
  • It will remind you that there’s value in humility and that you never lose when you admit you’re wrong.
  • Jet can purify your energies and give you protection in body, heart, mind, and spirit.Read on and be amazed by its incredible properties.
  • Jet Stone is a strong and protective stone. You can get your strength from the energies of this stone when you’re feeling weak or vulnerable or when external forces are attacking you. This stone will help you release your anger, your fears and worries, and your stress and anxiety healthily and positively.
  • It will not be directed at anyone, but you will be able to transmute these negative feelings into positive ones.
  • Jet Stone will work with you in restoring the balance and harmony that you have lost. It will make you realize what you truly desire from life, and it will help you achieve just that!
  • This stone can attract knowledge and wisdom to make your life more meaningful and your feelings more profound. It will add more excitement and fulfillment so that you will always have something to look forward to.
  • With the help of this stone, you will realize that anything is possible if you are prepared to put in the work to achieve it.
  • Jet Stone has a profoundly calming effect, so it should always be with you when you’re depressed or feeling stressed. It will give you clarity, and it will make room for more positivity in your life!
  • Jet Stone attract abundance and prosperity.
  • It can also be placed in the wealth corner of your home, office, or business.
  • If you want to have a good and restful sleep, free of bad dreams and night terrors, place a piece of Jet Stone under your pillow or hang it on your bedpost before you go to sleep.


*Please note that there might be slight variations in color and size due to studio lightings.
*The crystal may not be exactly the same as the picture shown as every crystal is unique in appearance.