Cinnabar in Agate Bracelet
Cinnabar in Agate Bracelet
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Cinnabar in Agate Bracelet

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  • Is an awesome gemstone that is well composed of the metaphysical powers. This talisman is considered as a Stone of Manifestation that is used for wealth creation. Most of the people take this charm as a Merchant Stone. The energy of this crystal helps in attracting the wealth towards the business.
  • Is a powerful stone that awakens the mystic vision and this helps the wearer in completing the Divine purpose for the incarnation at this time.
    This gemstone is also known as the Stone of Transformation that transfers the healing, alchemy and magic. It aids the owner by enhancing the inspired thinking and communication. Many people use this talisman to align the Chakras and also to release the resentment and fear.
  • Resonates quite strongly inside the Sacral Chakra and the Base Chakra also known as Root Chakra. This energy is also popular for raising the awakening of the Kundalini. It will also motivate the powerful flow of the life force energy inside all the lower chakras. It stimulates sexual feelings and may also increase personal relationships.
    There is a strong vibration in this talisman that assists in grounding the excessive power. It takes all the excess power through the Base Chakra towards the Earth Chakra in order to facilitate the spiritual grounding. It deals with the hurt feelings of the wearer, his anger and also jealousy. It also stops him from taking the issues directly to his heart.
  • Is a strong gemstone that is used for meditation because this charm helps in a clear understanding of the actual flow of the energy from the source of Divine to this physical world. This crystal will also encourage a powerful flow of the same energy towards the physical world.
  • When the people use this gemstone in meditation then it enables the person to get the entire process of this work. 
  • Is an excellent charm that is a need for a business where it manifests money. The awesome way to make the use of this gemstone is to keep this crystal close to the place where you take all your money and place them. You will also become able to know about the exact reason that is blocking your prosperity and abundance of your life.
  • Aids the salespeople as it enhances your boldness and may also aid the wearer’s speech to be clearer and more influential. It is also popular for simulating an increase in the self confidence and also facilitates the wearer to be more fluent in his communication.


  • Agate promotes self-acceptance and confidence, encouraging the speaking of one's own truth.
  • Agate overcomes negativity and bitterness of the heart, by healing anger, fostering love, and lending the courage to start over.


*Please note that there might be slight variations in color and size due to studio lightings.

*The crystal may not be exactly the same as the picture shown as every crystal is unique in appearance.