Crystal Eye Mask



Brings the ultimate luxurious spa experience into your own home with our crystals Eye Mask.
❤️Green: Aventurine    ❤️Black: Bian Stone

* Improves blood circulation
* Nourish your skin and relieve tension, stress and pressure.
* Reduces dark circles and puffiness
* Calms redness and irritation
* Easier for your lymph nodes to drain
* Soothes and relaxes facial muscles
* Closes pores
* Relieves sinus pressure and eliminates congestion
* Improve your skin health

How to use:
* Place the eye mask over your eyes while lying in a comfortable position.
* Leave on for up to 20 minutes.
You can also flip the mask over and apply the jawline, cheek and lip area to calm, cool and brighten the skin after a facial massage.

* Refrigerate your eye mask before you use it. The coldness of the crystals will have even more extraordinary healing powers, such as helping to increase collagen production and circulation.
* Using an eye cream after using the eye mask helps lock in all of the benefits from the eye mask.

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