Bian Shi Mat

Bian Shi Mat


  • It brings forth ancient healing knowledge & opens channels of divine guidance boosting intuition. Bian enhances mental focus & clarity boosting brain function. It creates a harmonious disposition & a positive outlook. Excellent for both grounding & connecting to higher realms.

  • The stone dredges the human body's channels, improves the body's microcirculation, eliminates heat & poisons in human body & removes unnecessary fats. Bian stone’s work on the blood circulation, making it run faster. This is purifying the blood & the blood vessels. By so doing, insure good oxygen & nutrition supply to various body organs.

  • A massive energy generator that purifies & stimulates an intense energy. Bian protects the aura & aligns all chakras purging the ethereal body of any negative attachments. This stone activates Kundalini & integrates.

  • Through the harnessing of Earth, air, fire & water Bian stone helps to power the body, mind & soul.

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