• Red Garnet 3 Round Bracelet Necklace
  • Red Garnet Beaded Necklace
  • Red Garnet Beaded Bracelet Necklace
  • Red Garnet 3 Round Beaded Bracelet
  • Red Garnet Beaded Gemstone

Red Garnet 3 Round Bracelet Necklace

  • $35.00
Beads on the Red Garnet 3 Round Bracelet/Necklace is measuring at 3.6mm.
  • Garnets were worn to enhance bodily strength, endurance and vigor.
  • It was widely believed to be extremely beneficial to wear a garnet when one had to exert oneself.
  • Garnet was also though to relieve skin conditions and regulate the heart and blood. It was thought to be healing for either gender.
  • For men, it keeps the reproductive system healthy.
  • For women, it promotes hormonal balance and is said to reduce swelling. Garnet has long believed to cure heart palpitations, lung diseases, and various diseases of the blood.
  • Traditional folklore creates a strong link between the red garnet and blood. It is believed that a garnet tones the spleen, promotes health throughout the circulatory system and enhances the body’s production of healthy hemoglobin.
  • It stimulates metabolism, treats spinal and cellul