• Crystal infused water bottle

Crystal infused water bottle

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Crystal infused water bottle is an amazing healing tool. Crystal water bottles combine the benefits of water with the properties of crystals.  It integrates healing energy crystals into our bodies. 

Enjoy the Benefits of Crystal Healing:
Interior dome chamber is packed with all-natural quartz crystals that holistically charge water for greater energy and rejuvenation. It improves mental well-being. It generates a positive mood and also has a positive effect on physical health. It promotes peace, supports healthy and radiant skin. 😍😍

A crystal elixir, or crystal-infused water, is a simple yet effective way of working with the healing energy of crystals and gemstones. When pure water is infused with crystal vibrations, it is then charged with the healing properties of the stone, and can be used to promote healing and wellness.

Drinking a crystal bottle of water can promote itself with love, balance, clarity, etc. depending on the crystal you choose and the intentions you set. These Crystal water bottles come with a crystal selection that can be removed and exchanged with other crystals. Each crystal bottle of water inside has a different type of healing. This makes the process of physical, emotional and spiritual healing easily accessible to everyone wherever they go.

🔔Water bottle comes with
- a free bottle cover
- a choice of available crystal loose bits
(Amethyst, clear quartz, rose quartz, mixed, aventurine (subjective to availability))

💗Check with us for new crystal loose bits available (sold separately) 💗