Charging & Cleansing Station

Charging & Cleansing StationCharging & Cleansing StationCharging & Cleansing Station

Every crystal has a distinct vibration that provides healing energy from the ground up to your body and surroundings. However, since crystals filter out unnecessary energy from the environment, they may get clogged up.

Crystals, like humans, are also living entities. Like as we recharge ourselves, crystals need time to gain back the energy they released. So it's is important to cleanse, recharge, and program them.

We have a corner in Living Gems that allows you to cleanse and charge your crystals. After doing so, right before collecting your crystals, we will guide you on how to set intuition for your beautiful crystals and energize them to their full potential. Do fix an appointment with us and come by soon as It's important to cleanse, charge, and program your crystals properly if you want to get the most out of them.

We hope to see you soon. 🥰😘


*PS: This station is strictly for Living Gems' existing customers.