The Chakras

Chakras are the sensory organs of our mind and body. They collect information form the entities which form our aura and pass these on in form of oscillations and impulses to the glands, nerves and cells of our organs. They regulate all parts of our bodily system, influencing our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well beings. 

Each chakra represents different aspects in us. Any blocked or disrupted, this can negatively impact our physical and psychological health. 

Below are some references u can take into consideration:

First Chakra: Root Chakra
Color: Red
 Base of spine flowing up to below the navel

Meaning: Physical identity, stability, grounding 

It provides the foundation on which we build our life-representing safety, security, and stability. Imbalanced attributes would be scattered energies, anxiety, and fear.

Second Chakra: Sacral Chakra
Location: Below the bellybutton, just above the pubic bone
Meaning: Sexuality, pleasure, creativity 

It represents creative and sexual energies. Imbalanced attributes would be lack of or repressed creativity, sexual dysfunction, withheld intimacy, and emotional isolation.

Third Chakra: Solar Plexus Chakra 
Color: Yellow
Location: Upper Abdomen, in the stomach area
Meaning: Self-esteem, confidence

It represents self-esteem, pleasure, will-power, and personal responsibility. Imbalanced attributes would be low self-esteem, control issues, manipulative tendencies, and misuse of power.

Fourth chakra: Heart Chakra
Color: Green
Location: The center of the chest, just above the heart
Meaning: Love, Compassion

It represents love, self-love, and governs our relationships. Imbalanced attributes would be depression, difficulty in relationships, and lack of self-discipline.

Fifth Chakra: Throat Chakra
Color: Blue
Location: The throat
Meaning: Communication

It represents the ability to speak and communicate clearly and effectively. Imbalanced attributes would be shyness, being withdrawn, arrogance, and increased anxiety.

Sixth Chakra: Third Eye Chakra
Color: Indigo
Location: Between the eyes, on the forehead which is also known as the 'Brow Chakra'
Meaning: Intuition, imagination

It represents intuition, foresight, and is driven by openness and imagination, imbalanced attributes would be lack of direction and lack of clarity.

Seventh Chakra: Crown Chakra
Color: Violet or white
Location: The very top of head
Meaning: Awareness, intelligence

It represents states of higher consciousness and divine connection. Imbalanced attributes would be cynicism, disregarding what is sacred, closed mindedness, and disconnection with spirit.